Following the NZ Christian Lawyers Conference up in Auckland earlier this year, a bunch of us Christian lawyers down in Wellington thought it would be a good idea to start catching up on a monthly basis. Lesley Grant has kindly taken the reins and has organised the last couple of gatherings where a group of us have met together to catch up and talk through the studies set out in Steven Moe’s book called “Issues Christian Lawyers Face” ( you can access the chapters of the book here https://www.theologyofwork.org/small-group-studies/issues-christian-lawyers-face). The book raises some interesting talk points and it has been encouraging to share together our perspectives on some of the issues we face as Christians and lawyers.

This month we thought we would try something different and meet for breakfast on Wednesday 23 August 7am at Verve Café  (sorry about the early start!). Feel free to invite your colleagues. We will go through the third chapter in Steven Moe’s book on “Status”. Please bring your book if you can, or print a copy out using the link above.


For more information and to register please email Lydia O’Hagan – lydia.ohagan@simpsongrierson.com