The network of Christian lawyers in New Zealand has simple objectives.  The main aim is to provide a way to connect around the country, provide a platform to consider and discuss what issues there are in being a Christian lawyer and to organise conferences and meetings.  We aim to support the work of local groups of Christian lawyers by providing a national organisation that connects them and a means to learn from each other.

Contacts for regions

Auckland – South

  • Michelle Peilua               michellep@completelegal.co.nz
  • Rachel Peeters                Rachel.Peeters@denhambramwell.co.nz

Auckland – Central

  • Simon Greening             simon.greening@gazeburt.co.nz


  • Lesley Grant                    lagrant@gywlaw.co.nz
  • Lydia O’Hagan                Lydia.O’Hagan@simpsongrierson.com


  • Steven Moe                     stevenmoe@parryfield.com


  • Stephanie Pettigrew     stephanie@marksandworth.co.nz